28 December 2010

Week in Travelling

So fast I'm back to my hometown, Keningau. This time is me home sweet home ^^ This time I'm traveling back with my grandma, aunt and her 3 naughty kids. They will staying my home for one week. This whole week, haven't properly blogging seriously. Now finally just got time to blog and post ^^

Went for Sabah Agricultural Park in Tenom. This is the first time I drive a long way~ around 45minutes driving to destination. Weather is so damn hot. I even had my skin become darker and legs bitten by mosquitoes. Urgghhhh.... I cant wear sexy for christmas party already T.T

large lotus. can load under 20kg

my aunt and the kids

inside the train to round the park

let me ss in train ^^

attractive 'slipper orchid'

leg bitten by mosquito =.=

Pusat Kebudayaan Murut

A long river where in Taman Bandukan

On the christmas day, we went to Kota Kinabalu and Ranau on the next day. My aunt so excited to see Kinabalu mountain and Rafflesia flower. She got lucky on what she wished for... Like the cool weather in Ranau. So refreshing and cool, free from pollution.

view from hotel.. can see the top of the mountain

view from Kundasang

for 20 years in Sabah, this the first time I see her from far. one day, I will tackle you!

map of Kinabalu park and Kinabalu mountain

 superb big lens. can even focus on an ant on the top tree!

Next destination is Mahua waterfall, in between Tambunan and Ranau road. Quite cold also in there, because of the thick forest. Luckily my Rafflesia flower is still blooming this time, even is not the season. 

can see the big waterfall already

kinda windy that day

inside the forest again

the original Rafflesia ^^

So far, only traveled few parts in Sabah. Seriously you must need a better car for long journey. Sabah road is not easy to drive. More pictures in Picasa album. Lazy upload all in this post, which will make a lot of mess.

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